“Our aim is to provide the best supplements at the best price with the knowledge and experience to enable us to give you our completely un-biased product reviews and advice.”


We sell a wide range of supplements along with weight training accessories. Our range of weight training accessories include gym gloves, t-shirts, lifting straps, knee straps and more… We also sell slimming & diet pills, Creatine, Whey Protein & Testosterone Boosters from a wide range of brands including USN, HSN, Reflex, PHD, Axis Labs, BSN & many more.


Not only do we sell the largest range of supplements, we make fresh protein shakes for you whilst you wait, to try as samples or just a post-workout shake. We also provide pre-workout energy shots from all the leading brands. We try to provide you with a new brand every week to keep things fresh to keep your body pumped!


The link below takes you to a page with just an indication of the sort of products we have and the prices we charge for them. As we have more than one supplement provider we can get hold of any product you request, if you wish for us to order a specific item then come into the gym where we have a weekly order form. Orders arrive every Tuesday and Wednesday. Remember Gold and Platinum Members all recieve 10% off our listed supplement prices.





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